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Warning: This post contains spoilers for part two of season four. You

Well, Joe Goldberg has done it again: Killed a bunch of people, framed others for his wrongdoings, and went on to live a prosperous life with a rich white woman and no one reacted. A month after the release of the first part of season 4, Netflix finally released part two on March 9, and Goldberg’s story wrapped up in a nice, neat(-ish) bow, as always.

Fans of the show left off the first half of the season with Penn Badgley’s Joe discovering that “Eat the Rich” killer was Rhys Montrose and becoming obsessed with taking him down. It seemed like Goldberg had made a turn and was ready to atone for his crimes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case until the end of the season. He falls back into his old habits just to secure his place next to Kate.

This season began in a different way than most: instead of centering around Joe’s murderous obsession with a woman he had recently met, the story focused on someone’s obsession with Joe as he moved to a close circle of elite friends in London. navigates to It’s a welcome departure from the show’s formula, at least initially. But by the end of the remaining five episodes, he ultimately remains a serial killer accustomed to protecting the woman he loves and getting caught, but not quite.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Netflix’s Season 4, Part Two You.

What happened in season 4 part one?

You. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 407 of U.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

To recap the events of Part One, the season picks up where Season 3 left off. Joe leaves Los Angeles – where he fakes his own death, blames it (literally and figuratively) on love, gives his son Henry to his neighbors, and returns to his true love (this time a real ) flees to Paris in search of Marianne. He made his way to London, where he became a professor at a university teaching literature – given his affinity for books.

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Goldberg, now going by Jonathan Moore, befriends a group of socialites that includes neighbors Malcolm and Kate, along with their friends, at a party. The group includes Lady Phoebe Borehall-Breaksworth, Adam Pratt, Blessing Bossed, Simon and Sophie Sue, Ronald Walker-Burton, Gemma Grahame-Green, Connie (never given last name), and Rhys Montrose.

The morning after the party, Goldberg wakes up dead on his kitchen table with Malcolm stabbed through his heart. His death sets in motion a subsequent series of events, including the deaths of at least five more people. Goldberg receives an anonymous text message from someone who knows his true identity, and learns that he is being followed. The identity of the killer is revealed to be Montrose, and Joe tries to figure out how to take him down to get him off his back.

What happens in part two?

You.  Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran in episode 407 of You.  (Courtesy of Netflix © 2023)

You. Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran in episode 407 of You.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Viewers find Goldberg discovering everything he can about Montrose so he can drive him away. In episode six, he uses a woman who is obsessed with Lady Phoebe as a fall for the “Eat the Rich” killer as she was a prime suspect among the elite friend group. At the end of the episode, Nadia, one of his literature students at the university, becomes suspicious of him.

In the seventh episode, Montrose sees Goldberg telling him that he has to kill Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood (a Bill Gates/Elon Muskian figure described as the most powerful man in the world). Montrose promises to leave Jo alone if she goes through with the plan. Montrose has also kidnapped Marianne and she will not tell him where she is. Goldberg attempts to kill Lockwood, but Lockwood then tells Joe where Montrose is hiding after being caught in a scam. Joe goes there, finds Montrose, and strangles him to find out where he is hiding Marianne. Joe strangles her while she is tied to a chair, asking her, “Where’s Marianne?” But Montrose says he doesn’t know. Enraged, Goldberg continues to choke Montrose until his body sags and he dies. Then, a second Montrose appears behind him in a suit, indicating that the villainous Montrose in his head was a figment of his imagination.

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Nadia begins hanging around Joe’s apartment when he is gone and discovers her real name when her boyfriend, Edward—the son of a newspaper publisher—represents her with bags of Indian food in several different photographs. While hanging out with Joe sends the leaked candid photos. She goes to the restaurant and looks around to find a cellar entrance, where she finds Maryann in the infamous glass box.

Episode eight reveals who actually kidnapped Marianne, drugged her, and put her in the box. Nadia becomes obsessed with freeing Marianne, but she knows that escape will be impossible. Viewers then watch Montrose break down about how Joe imagined it all and is, in fact, the man who killed everyone this season, thereby becoming what he was trying not to be. Goldberg attempts to retrace his steps to discover where he kept Marianne, and at the end of the episode, he is seen walking towards the basement entrance while Nadia explains her plan to Marianne. .

In episode nine, Lucas Gage’s character Adam Pratt is killed by Lockwood because he was causing too many problems for Lady Phoebe, which in turn upsets Kate. Then Joe finds Marianne, but he doesn’t let her out until she ties up some loose ends first to cover herself. Nadia and Marian hatch an elaborate plan to break him out.

Why does love return in season 4?

You.  Victoria Pedretti as Luv Quinn in episode 409 of You.  (Courtesy of Netflix © 2023)

You. Victoria Pedretti as Luv Quinn in episode 409 of You.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Love isn’t the only dead ex of Quinn Goldberg’s who returns for Season 4. In the ninth episode, Joe has a psychotic break and imagines different scenarios with his murdered exes, including Guinevere Beck (played by Elizabeth Lyle) from Season One and Season 2. and 3’s Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti). Love appears in the box that Marianne and all of her former live flies held at one point or another, reading Rhys’ book. All this leads them to the conclusion that he needs to die by suicide so that this vicious cycle of hurting women is not allowed to continue.

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How does part two end?

You.  (L-R) Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, Greg Kinnear as Tom Lockwood in episode 407 of You.  (Courtesy of Netflix © 2023)

You. (L-R) Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, Greg Kinnear as Tom Lockwood in episode 407 of You.

Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

After finding Marianne in a glass box, unconscious with an empty pill bottle, Goldberg assumes she is dead, so he takes her out of the box and leaves her on a bench in a park. Is. Viewers watch Nadia and Edward work together and deepen their relationship (albeit under unorthodox circumstances) as they work together to free Marianne. Joe kills Lockwood and after an emotional conversation with the phantom Montrose, he decides to die by suicide and jumps off a bridge, only to survive as the police promptly rescue him. Nadia tells Edward about their plan, which ends after Nadia meets Marianne in the park, when Joe drops her off there and gives her a drug to reverse the effects of the pills she took to wake him up. . She fled to London, possibly to find her daughter.

Nadia is determined to bring Joe to justice, but the police need concrete evidence to provide, and she must return to her apartment to get it. When Joe wakes up in hospital, Kate meets him there and tells him that he has inherited his father’s wealth and therefore power, but in order to be with them, he must tell her the truth. So he does, and thus begins Joe’s redemption tour.

Edward keeps watch while Nadia snoops through the apartment, but after finding concrete evidence, Edward is not in the getaway car. Nadia turns around to see Joe, who shows her Edward’s dead body, for which she is framed and imprisoned. He tells Nadia that he has been given a chance to “make up” for what he has done and live his life as “an honest man”. He and Kate are seen doing an interview with a reporter in New York, where the entire series began, thus coming a full circle for Joe and white people everywhere.

Will there be a Season 5?

No announcement has yet been made by Netflix regarding the fifth season.

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