Who’s on top and who’s in danger of relegation

We could say a lot of things about the Premier League this season, but dull and predictable certainly aren’t words we’d use. Some big upsets, a derby like we haven’t seen for many years, and some pretty amazing performances from individuals have brought us here today with some big battles on all three fronts. That said, we are yet to see how the teams finish this season and who will be crowned as the league winners, and there is going to be a huge battle for places in the European competitions, especially the Champions League.

On the other hand, it also looks like the battle to avoid relegation, several seasons later, will be extremely interesting, as none of the teams is seen as a sure deal that they will compete in the championship next season. Given these facts, it is no surprise that everyone who is a fan of the Premier League claims that this season is far more interesting and exciting than the last, as almost every team in the league has a lot to fight for. There’s something to look forward to, even if there are only 12 game weeks left, and you read more about that here.

race for first place

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Before the season started, many considered Man City and Liverpool to be the two teams once again competing for first place, but early on, it was clear that this would be a more interesting season. Namely, in their opening game against Fulham, a team that has just been promoted, Liverpool only managed a draw, and the performances of other teams such as Chelsea and Man Utd have also been questionable. The biggest surprise by the Gunners was excellent form and a lackluster result, as they only lost to United and dropped points in their two draws against Southampton and Newcastle.

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After the WC break, Arsenal’s form was not the same, and even though they played well, they struggled against teams that focused more on defence. Luckily for them, Man City also struggled and dropped points where everyone saw them as the clear winners, which brings us to the position where after 26 game weeks, Arsenal are in first place with 5 points more than the citizens Sits firmly.

big six?

As for whether any other team could represent a threat and a threat to beat these two teams this year, Newcastle and Man Utd look like teams that could potentially step up and represent a threat, but Newcastle’s form hasn’t been the same since before the WC. break, and they are currently in sixth place, 22 points and two games behind. Man United, on the other hand, played well, but their fans’ hopes that this could be the season where they climb back to the top vanished after a humiliating defeat in their last match at Anfield, as Liverpool beat them 7–0. defeated. , Spurs and Liverpool’s form hasn’t been consistent enough to be considered potential winners this season, and not to mention Chelsea because nobody knows what’s going on with them this season, and that leaves us with just Arsenal and Manchester Leaves City as title contenders. ,

CL and EL Location

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Well, this is where things get quite interesting, as several teams are eyeing their places in some European competition next season. At least four clubs (Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle) are eyeing the two remaining Champions League spots next season, and five more will fight for sixth or seventh place (depending on is who will win the FA Cup).

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Yes, even Aston Villa have a chance to play in Europe next season even though their start to the season was far from expected, while on the other hand, we have Brentford, a team that has failed to win this season. Surprised many with his form and performance.

Brighton have shown over the past season that you don’t need a few hugely popular players to play attractive and competitive football, and their current situation should come as no surprise. Yes, they are currently sixth in the league, but they have three games fewer (23), and only 7 points more than Tottenham (27), who are currently in fourth.

Fulham have also been quite the surprise, as was the case with Norwich, who expected them to fight to avoid relegation and were not mentioned as a team playing in European competitions next season.

We also need to mention Chelsea, as they have a chance to save the season and still play in some competition in Europe next season. They actually have two chances to do so, either by winning the Champions League or by finishing in the top 6 in the league. Overall his performance this year has been quite disappointing as everyone expected big things from him.

relegation battle

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Looking at the table, there is not a single team that looks like they don’t have a chance to stay in the league, which was not the case last season. This can only be good for the fans, as it means that every game week will be extremely entertaining. Bournemouth, Southampton and Everton currently occupy the last three places, but even clubs such as Crystal Palace or Wolves, who are currently in 12th and 13th, are not too far from the relegation spot (7 points).

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In terms of form, Everton look much better now that Sean Deitch came to coach them, and Southampton look like they still have the firepower to avoid relegation, or at least in James Ward-Prowse, who Taking this team. Bournemouth’s performances this season were not as good, managing only five wins, and they could potentially be a team that is relegated.

Nottingham Forest have made a number of changes to their roster, signing 30 new players, meaning their inconsistent performances should surprise no one, not even their club owners. Luckily, they brought in a big name and someone who could really help them stay in the league, Keller Navas. The three teams that round out this list are ones no one would consider as relegation battle teams before the season started, and what else to say about Leeds, Leicester and the WHU season, it’s disappointing, to say the least. For.

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