To receive grants of up to $200K

Grants are always awarded to help specific industries, places and people. Whether it’s women, restaurants or startups, the goal is to help these small businesses succeed. These grants come from public and private organizations, as in the case of these grants.

Finding the right grant is critical to ensuring your chances of winning a grant. So keep an eye out for industry-specific grants related to your small business and keep applying.

American Express to communities across America are offering grants of up to $200K. These grants seek to help new startups and established businesses. The fund is designed to help with storefront improvements, help students start their own businesses, and give financial support to micro-businesses.

Papaya, a fintech startup, has launched a Women Founders Grant To provide financial support and resources to women entrepreneurs building innovative companies.

Small Business News March 10, 2023

In the rest of the news roundup, ChatGPT continues to capture the imagination of businesses all over the world with new use cases and APIs. There’s also news from the IRS about fake W2 scams, the SBA’s National Small Business Week, and more.

Salesforce launches ChatGPT app for Slack users

A new ChatGPT app for Slack has been introduced by Salesforce and OpenAI that will provide conversation summarization, research tools, and writing assistance directly in Slack. Built by OpenAI directly on the Slack platform, the ChatGPT app is designed to help millions of companies work more productively.

Subway franchise locations are celebrating National Potato Chip Day with unique menu items

Baked Lay’s and Subway have partnered to introduce a new limited time offer to celebrate National Potato Chip Day. The new sandwich, called the Footlong Crisp, features Baked Lay’s Potato Chips as a topping on Subway’s classic Footlong sandwich. The sandwich will be available at participating Subway locations for a limited time.

Omneky Launches Advertising Tool Using ChatGPT API

Omnikey, a technology company, recently launched a new creative assistant tool that uses the ChatGPT API. This tool is designed to help marketers and content creators come up with engaging and creative content ideas more easily.

Report: Biden proposes higher taxes on corporations, hikes capital gains tax

President Joe Biden is reportedly proposing major tax hikes as part of his administration’s plan to cut the deficit. According to Fox Business, citing a Bloomberg report, the proposal includes raising the capital gains tax rate and raising taxes on corporations.

Shopify Partner Program Update Promises Higher Income

Shopify has announced a multi-year initiative to transform its Partner Program so participants can earn more while expanding their capabilities, as well as participating in new Partner Events. New incentives offer partners the opportunity to earn double or more with several new ways to generate revenue.

Amazon launches 3-Way Match mobile app for business customers

Amazon Business has announced the launch of 3-Way Match on the Amazon Business mobile app, designed to help business customers improve their smart business-buying strategies and automate reporting. The new 3-Way Match app is a quick and easy way to close buy orders anywhere and anytime at no extra cost.

Wix Now Has Its Own AI Text Creator

Wix recently announced the launch of its AI Text Creator within Wix Editor, which the company says will provide users with the ability to generate high-quality and uniquely crafted content for their websites. does. The new feature will ‘significantly improve’ the quality of website content along with streamlining the website creation process.

IRS warns of ongoing fake W2 form scam

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a consumer alert warning taxpayers about new scams that involve claiming false tax credits using wage information on tax returns. Scam artists suggest that people use tax software to manually fill out Form W-2 and include false income information.

SBA announces plans for National Small Business Week 2023

SBA Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman has announced that National Small Business Week (NSBW) will take place from April 30 to May 6, 2023. This annual tradition, co-hosted by SCORE, celebrates and recognizes the contribution of America’s small businesses to the economy. Hard work, simplicity and dedication.

Fraudulent telemarketer who targeted small businesses sentenced to prison

Small business owners are a little safer today as a telemarketing fraudster targeting small businesses has been sentenced to more than six years in prison. Las Vegas resident Michael Jones was sentenced by US District Judge Kent J. Dawson was sentenced to a total of 78 months in prison, followed by five years of supervised release.

Why your employees aren’t working like they used to

Three years later, it seems we are at the tail end of the Covid crisis. But there is a new pandemic which has already started; Your employees are not working like before. Last year at one of my clients, 7 out of 100 people left their jobs or took a leave of absence because of mental health issues. Not to mention the personal toll on these employees, it really hindered the business.

PPP loan fraud kingpin extradited from Montenegro

A California woman who fled to Europe to avoid being sent to prison for defrauding COVID-19 relief funds has been extradited to the United States. Tamara Dadian, 43, from Encino, spent a year as a fugitive in Montenegro, which is east of Italy over the Adriatic Sea. She arrived in Los Angeles on February 27 and appeared in district court the next day.

House Small Business Committee Hears From Main Street Business Owners

The House Small Business Committee heard from entrepreneurs in a hearing titled “Nothing to Nothing: The Story of the American Dream.” Committee Chairman Roger Williams (R-Tex.) and the entire committee spoke with small business owners across the country.

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