Pooja Sharma: Futuristically Embellished Marbleose Quintessential Décor

In the most ancient language of stones, marble with its powerful tales of ages of civilization begins somewhere among the pyramid builders and continues into our modern locales. This majestic storyteller, formed as a metamorphic change of carbonate rock, has witnessed it all with marvelous, splendid, splendid, grand and majestic charm. Anatolia or TurkeyRoman and Byzantium era For the architecture of our times.

Born in a family that is in the business of construction marble for more than two decades, Pooja Sharma, founded by And CEO, was attracted by the natural beauty of marble and the historical past of its formation and the foundations laid over the centuries across the globe. “I fell in love with it, no, fall in love with itExpresses Pooja who, out of curiosity and love at the age of thirteen, began learning more about the wonders of marbles and, in the process, developed business acumen and a passion for beautiful decor.

Pooja explains,Stealing time after juggling multiple corporate jobs in multiple domains; I revisited my knowledge of marble and my quest to find the most exclusive decor for home and found the best one for me,

marbeloz , India’s first homegrown luxury marble decor brand

And we believe in re-imagining modern spaces through the natural elegance and luxurious touch of pure hand-carved marble.

Hence, Pooja kept scrolling Indian and global websites and apps to find unique and never-seen-before decorations. These are usually decorative ornaments crafted from clay, brass and other metals. Then one day he thought – why not marble? Why limit it to just the construction business? It is 100% natural and has a great vein texture that is unique to every marble block. It complements all decor settings, whether modern or vintage, and has cooling and natural properties that are good for your health. It was an “aha” moment, and Pooja knew what her dream venture would be!

from that day, Pooja with her team Marbeloj Traveling to the interiors of India and the world to select the most exclusive and purest textures of marble and to extend their alluring charm beyond luxurious floor and wall tiles.

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The intricate details and hand-painted marble interiors of India and the world are not something people have seen before, and it had to be shared with the world.

glorious story

Historically, marble has been synonymous with luxury. Marble artifacts and decorations adorn the sumptuous royal settings of palaces and iconic monuments in India and around the world. Pooja claims that through Marbello’s she Want to revive this lost glory and preserve this heritage with our reinterpretation of marble craftsmanship for modern decor.

The elegant natural vein texture of marble fits seamlessly into all modern home decor settings, all the while adding a royal touch straight from heritage Indian palaces and empires.

worship connects, “We craft our entire range from pure marble and create employment for our craftsmen to empower their family legacy, which must be preserved and carried forward to create a bright future for all ” They use only the most authentic and highest grade marble with in-depth knowledge and research into all aspects of the Indian marble industry and history.

wealth and glory

However, it was not that simple. As Pooja revealed that she had to face huge challenges to take Marbeloz’s success rate to greater heights. Some of the many challenges in this business were,

  • Finding artisans to create unique art forms that are rare today.
  • Get the best marble stone suitable for maintaining the crafting of age old art forms.
  • Secure delivery of these priceless artefacts at customers’ residences.
  • The research behind each piece of art and the product created with its associated historical facts or natural properties.
  • Integrate the most secure payment modes nationally and internationally as well as the most viable technologies for customer convenience and responsiveness.
  • Last but not the least, to create value for the artisans who are undervalued today due to highly unorganized marble handicraft industry and are located in remote areas.
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breaking through barriers

To overcome these challenges, Pooja first adapted the fundamental principle of MARBELOZ to its core purpose-Striving to revive the lost pride and respect for the exquisite beauty of marble and hand craftsmanship,

And to achieve this objective, Pooja breaks down her firm’s mission into three sub-goals:

First, to transform the elegant natural beauty of marble into luxury decor artifacts for modern spaces. Second, Upliftment and empowerment of marble artisans in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other marble centers of India and the world, and third, To preserve and tell the story of ancient art, culture and heritage of the world and India through marble,

social uplift

When asked what business values ​​and qualities clients admire the most, Pooja says they are,

  • A masterpiece crafted in best quality marble
  • Innovative/Creative Design
  • value maker
  • Promise to deliver nothing less than the best.
  • International Standard Quality Check

raise the earth

Furthermore, she says that ecological balance is the key to bringing peace and balance to our homes. The way we interact with our habitat has a direct impact on our well-being too! “By using pure marble to decorate your homes, we aim to provide you with more mindful choices that bring a refreshing change from the plastic pellets that have managed to reach every corner of our lives. So far, our customers it has been highly praised by,” she adds,

past future day

Further, revealing the USP of the brand Marbeloz, which highlights its uniqueness in the industry, Pooja says that the first factor is the unique brand name which Sign Marb (represents marble stone); Ale (represents the word “the”); And ounce (represents weight in ounces) in its letters.

Other USPs are,

  • ,We are the only luxury interior decor brand in India where the entire range of artworks is handcrafted only from marble, and each product is unique and exclusive to the consumer,
  • Each product is created through extensive research by the founders themselves for its usefulness and favorable natural properties, as well as its historical and design value.
  • We deliver masterpieces at your doorstep, absolutely unique to last forever.” Pooja says,
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Pooja and Philosopher’s Stone

As a seasoned professional, Pooja’s advice is holistic for budding aspirants looking to enter the world of business. She says an idea should be driven by passion, not profit. Always work towards creating an ecosystem that can make a difference in the lives of the people you work with at all levels. Also, try to make sustainability for whatever business idea you work on. Also, think out of the box and find the right balance in creating an economy for the most connected human classes. Always be the customer first to understand the business use for the end user. And lastly, always keep learning and stay firmly rooted to face the inevitable ravages of time.

shaping tomorrow’s story

On envisioning the future of Marbeloz, Pooja shares, “Our vision is to envision a future where your dream home is customized to match your exquisite taste; and modern luxury spaces have become synonymous with the exclusivity of marble, craftsmanship and its rich cultural heritage.

Along these lines, Marbeloz strives to give the best shopping experience to the customers and assist them with their queries for more product information. It connects the art to customer and business sectors that appreciate its value and enhance the fading heritage and economics of the marble stone crafting art – with the constant additions to the global art and supply chain increasing capacity and capability. “Our long-term vision is to create an international marketplace for the marble handicraft industry by delivering the best creations across the globe to your doorstep,” concludes Pooja.

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