My working day – Laura Verrelio – Sales Enablement Principal Consultant at HighSpot EMEA

As a company leader, you are there to lead and inspire a team of individuals to set an example and achieve a range of business goals. But how do these business leaders manage their daily routine? We spoke to Laura Varrelio, Principal Consultant Sales Enablement at Highspot EMEA, about her day at work.

What time do you wake up?

I set my alarm to go off at 6 am. I have a busy few hours before I start work. This is the best time of day for me to exercise and increase my energy level. My youngest daughter gets ready for school even when I’m not traveling.

I love catching the smiling five minutes she dedicates to breakfast, and spending some time with her to start my morning off right.

what do you have for breakfast?

My breakfast is a mix of English and Italian cuisine. When I’m in a hurry, just two slices of bread with butter and marmalade, orange juice, tea and coffee (yes, I drink a lot in the morning!). If I have 10 precious minutes and I’ve gotten my exercise in, an egg on toast will get me through the day.

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What is your mantra for your work day?

Start off positive. Not all days are easy days. What I’ve learned from past experience is that the way you start the day determines its pace and its outcome.

When I’m not feeling my best, I turn on some ‘feel good’ music, jump on my peloton, and think about accomplishments I’m proud of that make me feel great. When you are a leader with all eyes on you, your positivity should be contagious.

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As a business leader, is it hard to separate your business and personal life?

Over the years, I came to the conclusion that when I enjoy what I do, work is no longer just work, it becomes a passion. What is important to me is having the flexibility to dedicate quality time to what really matters to me – my family, my friends and my passion for travel, sports and work.

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Aspiring women entrepreneurs usually have a huge dose of persistence, grit, and drive. They are focused on their objectives and working really hard to achieve them. They often don’t ask for help, which can put them under a tremendous amount of pressure.

My advice would be to make sure they invest the time to connect with others, build a strong diverse network (including other women entrepreneurs) and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every time I sought help, I learned, I grew, and I progressed.

Who is your business idol? Why?

The truth is, I don’t have one, I have many. Depending on my aspirations, I read articles, listen to podcasts, and read books to learn from many big names with different perspectives, such as Satya Nadella, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Sheryl Sandberg.

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I’ve been fortunate in my career to have had the opportunity to meet some really inspiring leaders who have volunteered their time to help me, as well as other people grow and succeed. One of the top drivers of joining a new company is the leaders I report to. They are the ones who lead the business, develop the culture and set the pace and aspirations of the company.

what motivates you?

Helping people discover their strengths and realize their full potential. I love to see them progress, grow and succeed. Doing it at scale is the driver that really motivates me the most.

How do you persevere in challenging times?

Gratitude for what I’ve accomplished and a clear vision for the future help me through challenging times.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a woman entrepreneur?

I was 28 and about to be promoted to director. When I announced that I was pregnant, not only was my promotion put on hold. I was also demoted. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

It took hard work, dedication and consistent results to reach where I was before. They say that challenging times make you stronger and you move on from these experiences. that’s so true.

After my demotion, I not only grew but also progressed rapidly in my career. I hope that what happened to me is a thing of the past, and that modern times reflect the equality so many of us are fighting for.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

At a pivotal moment in my career, I came across two great job opportunities. There was a ‘safe’ route with a mapped-out career path. The second one was outside my comfort zone, but if I was successful, it would potentially have a huge impact.

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To help me with my choice, one of the women leaders I was working with at the time told me, ‘Choose where the heart and mind align’. That’s when I decided to start my career in Sales Enablement. This advice has been very valuable to me. I am at my best when my mind is stimulated and I enjoy doing what I do with all my heart.

Are you optimistic about the future of female entrepreneurship in the UK? Why?

The positive, powerful, infectious vibe I get from great women makes me feel optimistic about female entrepreneurship in the UK.

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