Motiongility: Creating Amazing Pitch-Perfect Brand Explainer Videos

In this hyper-digital world, the fast-moving consumer’s eyes and fingers require more than just a digital brand connect-an instant virtual brand connection which lasts for a long time. Textual brand conversation alone isn’t enough when you can leverage the power of motionguilt’This instantly engaging storytelling mini-movie explainer video–is a surefire way to capture customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

Established By Himanshu Chaturvedi And Komal Chaturvedi, the founders, motionguilt is an animated explainer video production company providing B2B animated motion graphics video production services in Blockchain, SaaS, Healthcare, Education, E-Commerce and Advertising.

recent statistics show Landing pages with explanatory videos increase conversions by 86%, organic traffic from search results for web pages with videos increases by a whopping 157%, while 97% of marketers believe that explanatory videos have helped their users better understanding of their services, and 95% of people have watched an explanatory video to understand a brand’s products or services, Himanshu says that missing explainer videos is no longer an option for brands. “If you are not using explainer videos as part of your marketing strategy, you could be effectively losing out on potential customers and sales.”

The Most Effective Visual Brand Storyteller

Here, Komal explains, “But it is also very easy to go wrong with explanatory video content. When videos get too long or complicated, your viewers may get bored and may never think of your brand again. So, how do you create an effective explainer video that produces visible results?”

According to him, the idea is to create an explanatory video that can simplify your brand message while keeping the science intact. An animated explainer video should be able to connect with viewers emotionally, communicate directly with them, and leave them wanting to take an action – whether it’s making a purchase, engaging with your brand, or Want to learn more about the products/services.

Plus, the explanatory videos help cut through the noise of the competition too! With the right video, you go from being heard to being understood by your target audience – driving brand trust and customer loyalty. ,At MotionGility, we create storytelling scripts that transform videos into engaging mini-movies that tell stories about your brand that resonate with your customersHimanshu explains, while Komal says,With our animated video services, you are guaranteed great success,

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Years of experience and industry leading clients make the brand a great choice for your next video. MotionGility ensures delivery on all quality parameters at competitive rates so that its clients achieve target goals in a faster manner.

With a hardworking and dedicated team of animators, illustrators, graphic designers, video marketing experts and story board artists, MotionGility is one of the world’s best-known animated explainer video production companies since 2019.

“As a specialist in explainer video production, we are expanding our reach to almost all parts of the world. Motiongility now serves the United States, Australia, UAE, Europe and India.

billions of reasons to choose us

Elaborating more Himanshu says that MotionGility provides explanatory video production services across multiple locations as per the requirements and standards of the clients. “We could give you a zillion reasons why we are considered the best in the industry, but here are the top reasons why our customers have been working with us for years,” he shares,

  • competitive prices
  • Timely delivery
  • effective communication
  • modification at all stages of production
  • great quality videos
  • fully optimized video

gentle stresses“Our dedication to providing quality in compliance with industry standards over the years has helped us stand out in the cut-throat competition.”

Himanshu along with his childhood friend Komal Kokate started Motionguilt as a small studio in 2015. Himanshu dropped out after graduation, as he felt that his passion lay in creativity. He completed his Diploma in Animation and it is his love for creating animated videos that helped him build and expand his small studio into a specialist animation solution for b2b businesses. Himanshu looks after the PR and production unit at Motionguilty,

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Komal graduated in Engineering in Computer Science from Acropolis Institute. She oversees requirements analysis and deliverables at MotionGility,

After college, Komal started working in an MNC while Himanshu was working in an animation studio. However, Himanshu left the job due to lack of space for creativity and increasingly monotonous work.

Around the same time, Komal was keen to start her entrepreneurial journey and started her journey in the field of entrepreneurship with Himanshu to start MotionGility. However, it soon became difficult for him to sustain himself. Hence, Komal joined an MNC in Indore and parallelly worked early morning and late nights for her entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, after her father passed away, she decided to quit her job as she wanted to devote herself entirely to MotionGuilty.

Limitations of Artificial Intelligence

Being seasoned leaders, Himanshu and Komal share their views on how the animation space is being impacted by the adoption of cutting edge technologies such as AI and ML and how they are adapting to change. According to Himanshu, AI and ML are constantly evolving and with the current rate of development, AI is definitely creating a human-like experience for its working capabilities. ,But there are limits to what artificially intelligent systems can do creatively,” he believes.

He informs smaller studios that used to offer semi-customized services suffered huge losses as more and more users are shifting to using DIY software to create their own videos as there are lots with built-in SFX. Views are available and transition to subscription or one-time payment models.

He shares companies like MotionGility that are dedicated to creative deliverables and looking forward to creating 100% customized videos with targeted customers. he adds, “AI and ML had minimal impact on workflow,

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Komal reflects that considering the current industry scenario, MotionGility faced several challenges, but the most common challenge over the years was the use of explanatory videos to create awareness related to video marketing and help meet targeted goals faster. related to need.

As most SERP and social media algorithms are shifting to voice NLP and personalization, it is challenging for businesses to understand which content works best for them. Thus, they ignore video explainers and animated video guides.

“To address the issue, MotionGility came up with tons of resources on the website and our team is working dedicatedly to create the best guides and videos for businesses across all industries. You may be wondering ‘What is B2B Marketing?’ Video here: And Video Marketing Guide for SaaS Businesses:,, Komal says,

Best Animated Explainer Video Maker Globally

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs looking to venture into the animation sector, Himanshu says he has two key pieces of advice:The first is to make sure that you are never providing your services to any one specific country,

Komal continues,The second is to try to build a community of many small and large customers, rather than focusing on building a long-term association. Always Try to Work for Brands Directly,

Envisioning scaling MotionGility’s operations and offerings in the future, Himanshu and Komal revealed that their team is dedicatedly working towards exponential growth of the company. “We aim to be the best-animated explainer video company globally. We specialize in delivering well-researched animations in more complex modern industries and technologies such as Cyber ​​Health, Cloud Technologies, Healthcare, Fintech, Smart Wearables, and more.” Want to expand your company with artists.

And finally, Himanshu concludes,Our vision is to provide not only the best looking but most accurate graphics in compliance with modern industry standards,

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