Ira Knorr: The Expert in the Marketing Industry

With nearly a decade of experience in the marketing industry, Irah Nor has worked in consulting roles across marketing agencies, media publications, mobile apps, B2B/SaaS startups, and businesses globally.

Irah co-founded Rêveur Marketing, a Toronto-based marketing agency specializing in comprehensive growth plans to accelerate the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. It also helps founders to become more knowledgeable about various aspects of marketing.

He is a full-stack marketer with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C businesses and has worked extensively as a marketing consultant and freelancer for small to medium sized businesses and startups of all stages.

Ira has consulted, freelanced and worked in marketing for events, real estate, e-commerce, B2B/SaaS, mobile apps, media, beauty, health and wellness, among other industries. In addition, Ira is an expert in Growth Marketing, Paid Social Marketing, Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Product Marketing, Content Marketing, and Public Relations & Partnerships.

She gets a lot of her inspiration and ideas from industry and is part of some active Slack communities, including Online Genius, BigSEO and #Measure, where a plethora of industry leaders share essential insights and information.

For Ira Knorr, Revere was a natural progression in his career after years of freelancing and consulting for various enterprises. She recognized a significant difference between the marketing services available to small and medium-sized business owners from freelancers and agencies. Rêveur provides accessible executive- and senior-level marketing and consulting services to founders in this region.

holistic marketing agency

Rêveur Marketing is a 360-degree marketing agency that believes in the power of unique and creative marketing. They work with SMBs and startups to help them reach their goals through a comprehensive growth marketing approach that includes thinking outside the box.

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Rêveur works with predominantly female-founded global businesses in food and beverage, automotive, fashion and lifestyle, health and wellness, music, and many more.

Although businesses increasingly recognize the importance of marketing in developing their brands, they often need guidance on which marketing strategy to use to get the most out of their budget.

Rêveur helps organizations leverage marketing verticals when and where they are most beneficial to their business with its 360-degree approach. They remove the guesswork from the growth formula by employing complementary and balanced techniques to ensure the greatest results.

Rêveur’s framework is flexible and adapts to your needs. They do not impose any lock-in or annual commitment. Founders are directly involved with each client/account, and their retainers are tailored to your specific needs. They allow you to scale up and down the services to meet the needs of your industry.

Rêveur provides creative marketing solutions that take a holistic approach to effectively and sustainably grow your business.

Rêveur believes that real online growth occurs when marketing is approached from all angles. They help your organization achieve success and scale, allowing you to make the most of your marketing budget and harness your three marketing pillars, Paid, Earned and Owned.

Rêveur Marketing provides specialized paid media services for social and search advertising to help you grow your leads and sales online. This includes social media marketing, Google or Bing search engine marketing, display advertising, programmatic advertising and internet sponsorship.

Their earned media for public relations and partnerships enhances your online authority while creating smart alliances to foster customer trust and loyalty. This includes influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, strategic brand partnerships, public relations, event marketing, review management, and more.

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Revere’s proprietary media for organic social and content serving helps you build brand visibility and engagement and grow your online community. They assist with search engine optimization, organic social media, email marketing, and Google Business Profiles, as well as website design and content development.

Their Marketing Consultancy and Fractional CMO provide experienced advice and consultation on growing your brand.

Rêveur Marketing provides organizations with workshops and coaching, from internal marketing support to strategic advice, to enhance your firm’s trajectory.

Rêveur Marketing is a growth marketing firm dedicated to helping small and medium sized enterprises exceed their business objectives through strategic marketing execution. To learn more about their services, visit the website at

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