Infosecurity Europe agenda highlights innovation as security leaders address cyber security spending amid economic headwinds

Entries open for DSIT competition as Infosecurity Europe seeks to crown UK’s Most Innovative Cyber ​​SME 2023

Cyber ​​security budgets are expected to increase or remain the same despite the economic downturn. This is according to over 50% of respondents to a Twitter poll conducted by Infosecurity Europe, the most influential information security program running From 20-22 June 2023 at XCL London.

However, the current economic uncertainty is expected to have an impact on cyber security innovation, as 31% of respondents believe innovation in cyber security training and awareness will suffer the most, with threat intelligence a close second (30.3%). Will be close With this in mind, Infosecurity Europe has put innovation at the top of the 2023 agenda.

InfoSecurity Europe’s network of cyber security experts also recognizes the need to focus investment in these areas.

David Edwards, Vice President of Information Security, Peroc “Threat intelligence is easy to harvest, but it is this intelligence that enables us to make good choices about how to protect our organizations going forward. It is also important that we continue to innovate in those areas. Cyber ​​criminals will not stop innovating, they will get faster, faster, smarter and more automated. We must also ensure that we are smart, fast and automated in everything we do to stay ahead.”

Sarab Sembhi, CTO of Virtually Informed and Executive Board Member of the IoT Security Foundation Noted “Last year began with war and we had signs that a recession was coming. The same threat was at the start of the pandemic, but that recession didn’t come. At least not in the same way it has in the last 12 months.” Now in Q1 2023, we are reviewing our budget, and expect to see increased spending, hopefully directed towards those areas of innovation such as threat intelligence, training and awareness. There are sectors that might have previously gone out the window as businesses feel the pinch.

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As part of Infosecurity Europe’s focus on innovation, for the 8th year in a row, they have once again partnered with the Department for Science, Information and Technology (DSIT), formerly the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The UK’s most creative and original cyber security companies. One of which will be crowned the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber ​​SME 2023.

The DSIT competition is open for entries till March 31 and is judged by a panel of cyber security experts. The winner and 13 runners-up will be invited to attend the Cyber ​​Innovation Zone at Infosecurity Europe 2023, which will run from June 20 to 22. The winner will be announced at the event and will receive a feature piece in Infosecurity Magazine. All finalists will also receive an event stand, showcase speaking slot and a marketing package.

The competition has previously seen many new and innovative cyber security companies apply and see impressive growth and achievement. TryHackMe was announced the winner of the event in 2022 and follows a string of previous winners including CAPSLOCK (2021), KETS Quantum Security, CheckReceiver (now trading as Tession) (2017), Device Authority (2016) and Geolang (2015). Joined the influential list. ,

The 2019 winner, Hack the Box, a UK start-up that developed a gamified continuous cyber security platform, has since announced a Series A investment round of $10.6 million in 2021, and $55 million in January 2023 to expand million has announced Series B funding. Its business after racking up 1.7 million users.

“The game has changed in cyber. The increase in the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks means that demand for new skills is booming, and old methods are no longer working. Recruitment criteria and how candidates are assessed in this industry need to be revised, and businesses must prioritize practical-based skills and continuous training. This will help reduce red tape blocking the untapped pool of highly skilled cyber talent waiting in the wings. The only way to turn the tide in cyber warfare is by investing in upskilling and reskilling initiatives that prepare the new generation and current security professionals for the next wave of threats. Thrown light on Haris Pilarinos, Founder and CEO of Hack the Box.

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The Innovation Showcase at Infosecurity Europe 2023 will be the place to discover, scope and evaluate the latest cyber security technologies and solutions, and to learn about how they can be deployed. Businesses will showcase and showcase the exciting new products and services they have to offer. Attendees can expect to hear real-world examples of how new technologies and solutions have been implemented, with customer benefits and overall ROI.

Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, says: “Businesses will undoubtedly feel threatened by the economic downturn, but scaling back cyber security investments would be a step backwards, so it is exciting to see most looking to increase or maintain their budgets despite economic uncertainty. Innovation is key to the future of cyber security and as cybercriminals continue to innovate, we are determined to do the same to become smarter, safer and stronger as an industry.

The InfoSecurity Europe Twitter poll was conducted during the week of 6 February 2023, attracting 2,524 responses.

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