Education in Motion Strengthens Sustainability Education with First Net-Zero International School Building in Singapore

  • Education in Motion (EIM) at the Greenhouse Dulwich College (Singapore) is the only international school building in Singapore to be certified Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) under BCA Green Mark 2021 (GM: 2021). and maintenance badges.
  • EiM is the first international education group in Singapore to launch the ESG Report for the second year in a row to champion sustainability education and sustainable practices in its schools.
  • Karen Yeung, Co-Founder and Chief Cooperation Officer of EiM, reiterated that the greenhouse is part of EiM’s ongoing efforts to support the Singapore Green Plan and build a better future around its four ESG pillars – Learning, Planet, People and Policy .

Singapore – Media Outreach – 25 May 2023 – Education in Motion (EIM) awarded Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy Certification by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for the Greenhouse on its Dulwich College (Singapore) campus under the latest Green Mark 2021 plan Went. Today.

The founders of EIM are receiving the Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy certification from BCA. From left to right: Fraser White, Founder, President and CEO, Education in Motion; Ms. Karen Yung, Co-Founder and Chief Support Officer, Education in Motion; and Mr. Ang Kian Seng, Group Director of BCA’s Environmental Sustainability Group.

In addition, Greenhouse received three badges in Health and Wellness (Hw), Intelligence (In), and Maintenance (Mt), indicating exemplary performance in these disciplines and EiM’s commitment to driving the sustainability agenda for today and the future. Demonstrates commitment. ,

have a greenhouse A net-zero energy, seven-storey state-of-the-art structure that will be launched later in the year. The building’s net-zero energy achievement contributes to the Singapore Green Building Masterplan – a part of the wider Singapore Green Plan – which reflects Singapore’s collective commitment to pursue more ambitious sustainability standards in the built environment. It will also be Singapore’s first new building and the first international school to receive the Green Mark Zero Energy Certification under the latest Green Mark 2021 plan, which calls for even more education players to play their part in building a more sustainable future for all. Will pave the way. ,

EIM’s aspiration for the greenhouse was realized through a partnership with award-winning architectural firm DP Architects and its specialist arm in sustainable design, DP Sustainable Design (DPSD). Throughout the greenhouse’s architectural design, construction materials and function, the building embodies EIM’s “Live Worldwide” motto and EIM’s vision to be a global leader in education leading to a sustainable future. The creation of a sustainable campus also aligns with EIM’s commitment to building a better future for the four ESG pillars – learning, planet, people and policy.

Shared by Ms. Karen Yung, Co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer, EiM, “This is a prestigious award that we are proud to receive for Greenhouse. At EIM, we place the student at the center of everything we do. We believe that for this generation of children and for generations to come We have the responsibility and ability to be part of the solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing the planet today.With our global headquarters in Singapore, we are always committed to supporting our local communities and achieving the Singapore Green Plan. always looking for ways. As educators, we challenge our students to use their imagination, intelligence, and raise their own expectations. We hope the Greenhouse will inspire others to do the same so that together we create a more sustainable future for the country.

Mr. Ang Kian Seng, Group Director of BCA’s Environmental Sustainability Group, saidThe Greenhouse is the first new institutional building in Singapore to be certified Green Mark Platinum Zero Energy under the BCA Green Mark 2021. Through extensive on-site renewable energy installations, including both rooftop and building-integrated photovoltaics, it is an on-site Some buildings to achieve zero energy based on renewable energy generation. Going beyond zero energy requirements, Greenhouse also uses smart facilities management to ensure efficient operation and maintenance of the building, such as building analytics for predictive maintenance As an educational institution, EiM demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency and the welfare of occupants, and is a good example to which other international institutions can look.

With a strong focus on providing innovative educational exposure for students to participate in sustainability solutions to real-world issues, The Greenhouse has the following sustainable strategies:

  • Extensive Renewable Energy Generation: The architects have designed an eco-envelope consisting of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) to surround the building in order to maximize the total area of ​​offsite solar panels within the complex. Innovative energy-generating kinetic floor tiles are also linked to a screen at the entrance to the building to show the amount of energy produced when students walk across them. In total, the renewable energy generated for the greenhouse achieves more than 100% energy savings and reduces approximately 216 tons of carbon dioxide.2 The emissions are equivalent to powering 122 four-room HDB flats.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency: The building features light shafts and a central atrium to allow natural light and ventilation throughout the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. The greenhouse uses highly energy-efficient technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, connected to a smart digital twin platform with smart facilities management workflow automation, to optimize building performance and optimize energy use. consumption can be reduced.
  • Outstanding Resource Optimization: To reduce the carbon footprint, the building uses sustainable materials such as SGBP-certified[1] Low carbon concrete and recycled wood for interior design and furniture. To reduce water consumption, the building has adopted efficient sanitary fittings and has a rainwater harvesting system that collects and recycles rainwater for irrigation.
  • Notable enhancements to boost hw: The building ensures that occupants have convenient access to nature by incorporating greenery and natural elements that extend from the step atrium to the rooftop garden. Smart indoor air quality sensors are used to monitor and improve air quality, promoting a healthy indoor environment conducive to learning.

EiM is also the first education player in Singapore to launch an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) report for the second year in a row. This reflects EIM’s commitment to developing, measuring and maintaining sustainable practices within its schools and operations across the group. Five schools in the EIM family have now achieved green building certification, while significant progress has also been made in optimizing ESG governance.

EIM Schools’ focus on sustainability and global citizenship has shaped the path of its students and alumni to make the world a better, greener place. EIM will be at the forefront of sustainability education in Singapore and will actively lead initiatives to accelerate this change.

Renders of the building can be seen here.

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About Education in Motion (“EIM”)

Education in Motion (“EIM”) is a growing family of leading education brands, consisting of 13 schools in 9 cities and five countries including Singapore, China, South Korea, Indonesia and Switzerland, as well as innovative schools providing creative education solutions There are also platforms. As a leading Singapore institutional investor with a significant equity investor and its global headquarters in Singapore, EiM is value-aligned with Singapore’s green agenda and aspires to be a global leader in education leading to a sustainable future.

About Dulwich College (Singapore)

Dulwich College (Singapore) is a leading international school with a British independent school ethos, building on the proud 400-year heritage, excellence, innovation and values ​​of the founding school in London. Part of the Dulwich College International family of schools, Dulwich College (Singapore) has a global outlook and contemporary outlook, which reflects the diversity of its students from Years 2 to 18. Dulwich College (Singapore) believes in nurturing global citizens and well-developed future leaders who are equipped to create solutions to the world’s challenges. Students are encouraged to live in the world they are in – to make informed choices, take inspired action, and create a positive impact.

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