Coingames is ready to launch its decentralized casino

CoinGames has launched – Join Crypto Casino today for an innovative gaming experience!

Innovative and exciting crypto casino has launched its decentralized version on February 20, This is a significant event in the casino journey, as it will effectively revolutionize the way registered users interact with the platform, and provide them with some hidden benefits, including a more secure and transparent framework, and users Also allows playing with a single digital. Posture.

After a period of operation where the casino was operating as a centralized entity allowing users To choose which currency they want to use to play – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin or Tether – It has now introduced its own digital currency, DegaWhich will be used for all gaming aspects.

gamers in control of your own funds

One of the tangible effects of the CoinGames platform completing its migration to the Web 3 framework is the fact that Users will effectively be in control of their own funds at all times, whether they are still in their wallet or in game session. This is because the platform and the user’s funds are not in contact at all until User connects his wallet to CoinGamesAfter which they can directly deposit the amount in their account.

The transparent and reassuring part for the users is effectively this No third parties come into contact with user funds at any point of timeWith the exception of our smart contract – called the Vault – which keeps track of user’s deposited funds, and is programmed to release them upon the occurrence of certain gaming criteria, such as a user’s win or placing of a bet. meets requirements.

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The exciting aspect of a user being in control of their funds at all times is It’s Almost Impossible To Be Cheated Of A Win Or A Comebackas well as the fact that the latter essentially becomes an almost instantaneous transaction, with no hidden fees, waiting periods or obscure processes for collecting a user’s winnings back into their wallet.

Of course, the same statement can be applied to a user’s deposit, which happens almost instantly, once they connect their wallet to the platform on the BSC network and choose the amount they want to play with. Want to

Use DEGA and Play at Crypto Casino

This amount, as mentioned above, will be in DEGA, the single currency used on Coingames following their much-anticipated migration. DEGA is the unique currency of the CoinGames frameworkA token that is backed by bitcoin, and minted by CryptoCasino’s own Vault smart contract, therefore making it a safe and transparent coin to play with, as no third parties or external entities can ever access users’ funds. , which are stored securely by the Vault at all times, until they are released after a win in a promotion or the completion of a wager.

What else? join coingames

By joining CoinGames, You will have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the above and moreBecause the platform has secret innovative plans for the future, keeping it on the cutting edge of the crypto gaming spectrum: one such plan is to export DEGA to other casinos, therefore creating a single currency that games can be played on – and exchanged across multiple platforms. -Cutting replacement mechanisms that can be confusing or too complicated to figure out for many people.

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it’s just a reason CoinGames Will Take The Sector To A New Dimension Of Crypto Casinos, The only question is will you join them?

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