Bitcoin has caused $12b in environmental damage. can there be a solution

Could Environmentalists and Regulators Destroy Bitcoin’s Value? Were environmentalists drawing the line when Tesla stopped accepting bitcoin because of blockchain’s “increased fossil fuel use”? Could this proof-of-work kill cryptocurrencies if they team up with regulators forcing big businesses to offset their carbon footprint? Ethereum has already transitioned its system to Proof-of-Stake.

Earth Points may offer a solution. It is a commercial, operational and scalable system available on a free app.

Their system is currently operational in Australia, with their global partner Oracle Corp looking after data and security to help repair the planet.

The system is fully funded. It drives customers to businesses using the Earth Point pay-per-sale loyalty marketing system; Just like clicks drive customers to websites.

Earth Points is a sustainable system that can help reduce harm by spending a small portion of every purchase on repairing the environment. It helps to address the environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations of businesses, which may be tax deductible for the companies. It’s a way to automatically put crypto in people’s wallets as a reward point from credit, debit, and EFTPOS card transactions, while away from speculation changing the reason crypto exists.

This leads us to an even bigger question, can Earth Point move crypto away from purely speculative to one that adds value to businesses and customers and has real demand from industries?

Earth Point is a marketing and client retention system that works for all businesses and clients. It’s free for customers and on a pay-per-sale basis for companies. This is a token that can be redeemed instantly at any business that is part of the Earth Points system.

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Earth Point is a crypto and one click and customer loyalty point. They are the lifeblood of a customer marketing, retention and loyalty system. Operating as an international digital currency with a global Debit/Credit/EFTPOS payment system via CUSTOMER and BIZ apps, ETH POINT is a crypto listed on centralized exchanges under Australian banking-style custodian rules.

Earth Points is a crypto, a hybrid reward point and click that can be reused infinitely. Users can exchange their crypto for Earth Points to make purchases through the BIZ app or gift cards at any establishment that accepts them. Google and Facebook derive most of their value from selling an infinite number of single-use clicks, which they sell for hundreds of billions of dollars annually, destroying the principle of pricing crypto based on limited supply.

In addition, demand for Earth Points is created by an advanced purchasing system by businesses such as Click for real-world marketing. The demand for bitcoin or any other crypto is not possible. Earth Points are automatically gifted whenever the registered Debit or Credit Card is used at a registered business.

Earth Points are gifted to the customer, a customer-designated charity, church, or club (CCC), and to Planet Earth through the Rewards4Earth Foundation as they shop at those businesses.

Furthermore, EarthPoints’ free app enables transactions to take roughly the same amount of time and use the same amount of electricity as credit card payments, unlike bitcoin.

Being Australian, you might compare this system to Crocodile Dundee. There, businesses pay for clicks because they bring value. Otherwise, corporations spend hundreds of billions less on them. Clicks are single-use, they cannot be reused, recycled or resold, but Earth Point is a multiple-use product that can be recycled, reused and resold which can be used to attract and retain customers It is also done for

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Like Click, the value of Earth Points is demand driven by businesses, not speculation like other cryptos. Real-world demand is reflected in cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows CCCs to share their gifted Erth Points and businesses to purchase them, creating an economic ecosystem and adding value.

The company firmly believes that Earth Points can survive a crypto market crash because of the recognized “value add” proposition as a tool to generate business sales rather than being purely speculative driven.

In addition, Earth Points helps businesses meet their ESG requirements. The only survivors of a market crash are those that “add value”, such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, which survived the dotcom crash.

Customers can trade their Earth Points for goods and/or services at any business worldwide that accepts them as payment or purchase gift cards that can be used at thousands of businesses. If all three billion Facebook users collected Earth Points, that’s $6ba a week that would go to environmental repairs, and $12b in damage caused by bitcoin would be fixed in 2 weeks.

Speculators or businesses can buy Earth Points on exchanges at market value. Demand issues more tokens at higher prices to ensure liquidity and fairness in the market while providing benefits to all users.

Every sale from every business can use Earth Points and contribute to saving the planet, further accelerating adoption, and reversing the damage caused by proof-of-work currencies like bitcoin Is.

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