5 Essential Things to Consider When Deciding to Become a Best-Selling Co-Author

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Your words, immortalized forever on the pages of a best-selling book in the hands and hearts of millions around the world; Could this be the unique edge not only for your healing but for your business growth in 2023?

Co-authoring a best-selling book is a remarkable feat by any standard. From a business perspective, it’s one that has been shown to dramatically increase brand credibility and sales-funnel conversions. A recent study led by ‘Grammar Factory’ revealed that entrepreneurs increased their income by 34% after getting their work published.

A conscious best-selling book strategy, combined with the means to build a wildly connected community, has been shown to deliver amplified results, not only in your influence, influence, and income, but in who you become in the process!

Let’s find out what you should consider on your path to becoming a best-selling co-author:

1. Get ready to collaborate and build a leveraged network:

“A ‘collaborative book project,’ as I like to call it, is one where several people will come together to write their own chapter to give their own perspective and expertise on a particular topic. We can all share our come together to share wisdom, your talents, and tips and tools for others to read. I’ve seen so many incredible things from this experience: soul friendships, collaborative business partnerships, referral partners, tons of new clients, speaking opportunities – The practical ROI is immense! , Jess Verrill

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Relationships are the currency of doing business tomorrow. It’s not enough to leave your ego at the door; You need to be willing to set aside any success criteria that are showing you with fear, lack, or competition. Here, leveraged communities are built on integrity. They grow together by becoming powerful referral partners, celebrate and encourage each other and eventually, co-authors become good friends!

2. You’ll want this!

Terry Silverman

“Having a tangible product and being able to hold it in my hands, tell it to customers, colleagues and friends, and then see my story in a book and be part of the success birthing a best-seller, is thrilling! The first co-author left the project with intense pride and a deep sense of accomplishment.” , Terry Silverman

During the initial stages of conception, drafting, editing, proofing, and then fueling publication, you need presence, persistence, and an aligned community of writers.

Your book will grow you. The writing journey will help you heal, revive you, and transform you. Hence, you ‘must be wanting it’ from all the right places.

3. Be prepared to face your visibility shadow:

Tarsh Ashwin

“The greatest thing about a book is the incredible visibility and momentum it generates. Learning to work with momentum is one of the key learnings available within a co-authored project. Dive deep, powerful levels of inner alchemy and authority are embodied, and it then shines from the inside out to rapidly draw people into your work. , Tarsh Ashwin

You have to be prepared to do the mighty inner digging work that must go along with making your journey more visible and for many, this is where the challenge of victory lies.

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By bringing your ‘visible wounds’ and fears to the light, meeting them directly, and physically healing them as you write from your heart, you will gain a sense of preparedness and strength. As the sales roll in, invitations to podcast appearances, article features and more exposure appear, you will not be exposed.

4. Be ready to learn conscious marketing strategies to build a business bigger than yourself:

crystal hill

“We are able to provide real value to real people in a long-lasting way that social media and blog posts never can. Conscious marketing demands us to authentically show who we are, and a compilation book (where you write just one chapter instead of the whole book) gives us a perfect opportunity to do this while taking advantage of the time. It effectively contributes to the eight points of contact that keep a prospect or customer from buying from us. It requires keeping up with us first; it’s a huge trust builder, as well as being a legacy builder for you. , crystal hill

Building a business that’s bigger than you takes heart and demands a wild ride to define your company’s values, the mission it serves and flesh out a story that people don’t want to hear. Can only relate, but also trust deeply.

By investing in a co-authored book project, you’ll begin to juggle all of these elements. As you do, you will see your voice, your work, and the larger wave that is possible from consciously choosing to authentically and powerfully put your wisdom on the page.

5. Your words will be what will heal you:

Alice Marie-Gallagher

“What if this is the thing that heals you? Sharing my vulnerability like that was the thing that healed me. I needed to show myself in a bigger way and so I had to do a lot to be the channel.” -It took a whole year for the author to write books to cure me. And it did, because I am capable; because you are capable. , Alice Marie-Gallagher

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Working up the courage to share your story, building up the courage to put pen to paper and letting it be heard, heals a little more of you with every word you write. Are You Ready for This?

Becoming a published author is a big decision, with your story immortalized forever in the pages of a hardback book. However, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make for your own growth – and with each word read, medicine for another. Take a deep breath and take a lot of courage.

in closing

Co-authored book projects provide powerful leverage opportunities across a myriad of channels, from media to summits and podcasts. If relationships are the currency with which we will trade tomorrow, then how we sow them today matters.

Becoming a co-author is a journey that will grow you as a woman, as a leader, as a writer, and as a valued member of a collaborative community, launching a piece of their collective legacy. working together to promote and leverage

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